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Installing apps on your own device

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Note: this is out of date, if you want to continue to develop on your iPhone send me an e-mail, uniqname: kuper


Below is a link to the files needed to install software on the iPhones. A readme file is included in the zip with further instructions, which is also copied below:


If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch that you want to use to develop with, you will need to send me your 40 character device ID. I will register it and provide you with a new provisioning profile. Instructions for getting the 40 character device ID can be found at http://smeans.com/iphone/iphone-device-id/


iPhone Development Files.zip




Double click and run all three certificate/provisioning files to install them. Password for the key file is '123'.


Ensure you have Xcode with the iPhone SDK installed - free at http://developer.apple.com/iphone/ after you register. You may need to fully quit Xcode and/or restart your computer after installing the certificate.


You will need to drag the mobile provisioning profile from the Xcode -> Organizer screen to your iPhone under the devices tab (the iPhone needs to be connected). This may not be necessary for class iPhones.


Finally, to enable development you need to go to Project -> Edit Active Target <name>


Under the "Code Signing" area, choose "iPhone Developer: Alex Kuhn" for the Code Signing Identity and the "Any iPhone OS Device" field.


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