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iOS Platform Game

Brian Clark

Jeff Ellis

Tom King - kingtom88@gmail.com

The objective of the game is to dodge fireballs moving around the screen. The game is played by tilting your device to roll the ball around. There are 4 difficulties to choose from.


Extreme really is extreme! Only for expert players!


Initially there is only one fireball.


After time, more fireballs appear. They also individually move faster as time goes on.


You can really get a lot on the screen at once!


Be careful to not get hit, or....


The game shows you how long you lasted.


You can also access the top 3 scores for each difficulty level.


Many more features to come in our 12 week app



3 Week demo.pdf

12 Week App Presentation.pptx

Fireballin Final Presentation.pptx

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mbillau said

at 8:06 am on Jan 20, 2011

Are you doing mobile web?

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