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Team Members: Steven Boland (bolands) and Kevin Huang (huangkev)



Includes Tuner, Metronome, Chord Diagrams, Scale charts (CAGED).


Currently has:

Menu system that led to four separate functions.

A pitch-pipe tuner. Would play back sounds for guitar's standard tuning.

A metronome.


Note: This was originally planned to be continued as a 12 week app, but analysis of the competition led our team to work on our current 12-week app. As such, parts of the app remain unfinished.


Main menu screen

Here the user can access the various tools available in GTools



Pitch Pipe Tuner. User can press the buttons to play back the proper tone. The user also has the option to choose between a Tone or a Sample, repeat the note, and set the delay.



The user can set the beats per minute with the slider or tap the beat into the app. They can also mute it and make the app flash at the user instead. They can also adjust the number of beats per measure.


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