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Platform(s): Android


Price: FREE



Astrid was rated the #1 to-do list app of 2010.  It has a clean, simple user interface where users can enter to-do items.  Users can view their tasks and filter them based on importance, deadlines, and tags.  They can also search for specific tasks if they desire.  Users can set any number of alarms to remind them before an item must be completed.  Astrid also has a stopwatch feature to record how long users have spent on a task.  Astrid also supports synchronization with online tools like Remember the Milk.  True Astrid lovers can buy add-ons such as calendar synchronization and location based tasks.  The secret sauce for Astrid is that it is fully-featured, user-friendly, and truly has something for everyone.  Competition includes Remember the Milk, TooDo, and ToDo Task Manager.  Our group decided that while Astrid does a lot of things right, it is complicated at first because a lot of reading and no words on buttons.  Overall, our group decided that Astrid is a great to-do app that we'd all seriously consider using. 


Slides: Astrid Slides 


Reviewer: Team Algorhythm

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