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What is Beatnik?

Beatnik is a music game platform. Unlike conventional music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Beatnik is fully extendable by the community, giving players the chance to create and share their own "beatmaps" for songs on their iOS device, all for free.


Presentation Files

BeatnikEP.pdf  - Beatnik Elevator Presentation

beatnikfinal.pdf - Beatnik Final Presentation

SleepCycleAR.pdf  - Sleep Cycle App Review 



Group Members

  • Max Kolasinski, mkolas@umich.edu
  • Max Wittek, wittekm@umich.edu 



What's going on here?

Two components.

- Gameplay-wise it is similar to a music game forgotten by time called Elite Beat Agents, for the Nintendo DS. Here's an example of the source material (EBA).

- But that's not what's important. What is important is this: for most music games, you can only play along with songs that come with the game. With ours, you can create or download "note charts" for any song in your iOS library. (Note-charts being the little buttons and slides that you are actually tapping along with.)


In elevator pitch form:






Help Screen


Beatmap Editor


Upload and Download Beatmaps






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